Events for everyone

Welcome to Kantola event park in Hämeenlinna!

Very close

Kantola Event Park is only an hour away from Helsinki, Tampere and Lahti. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and the airport in Tampere are also nearby. Kantola is only two kilometres away from Hämeenlinna’s city centre, bus station and train station so it is easy to walk there.

The best feeling

In Kantola, you can enjoy mega concerts, win in sports events, participate in expert discussions and just about everything else. The 9.5-hectare park area by the Vanajavesi lake in Kantola’s rugged industrial area offers amazing experiences and the possibility to organise the best events.

Everything you need

In Hämeenlinna, you can find all the services you need, from accommodation to shopping and nature experiences to night life. When organising an event, the subcontractors and partners you need are very near and easily available.

Welcome to Kantola Event Park